Welcome to Carver Audio Repair

Carver Audio Repair is determined to provide you with the highest quality service for your Carver equipment. We are dedicated to repairing your equipment to, at minimum, factory specifications. With over 34 years in the audio industry we have tens of thousands of hours of trouble shooting, debugging & modification techniques. Please look at our custom page for details on specialized services as well.

Many educated technicians lack proper trouble-shooting techniques simply from not enough experience. Here, our seasoned technicians have as mentioned tens of thousands of hours on the bench and have developed several trouble-shooting techniques that assist in efficiently finding any and all problems in any unit they may encounter.

What Makes Carver Audio Repair Unique

Although we have serviced Carver for the past 34+ years, As of April 2006 it is our privilege to have been hand picked by SUNFIRE Corporation to provide authorized Carver service for the entire line of Carver products. This is due to our reputation of providing the absolute best service available, we just will not cut corners, and have proved to be the most reliable choice for servicing this vintage product, we also purchased at that time the entire OEM parts inventory to ensure absolute peak performance of all your Carver products. Phase Linear: Like the Carver products we have been servicing Phase Linear products for 34 plus years and counting. Please see the pricing page, we have several updates and modifications that will improve the audio performance of these fine products.   


Carver Audio Repair provides a one-year warranty on parts and labor for all work performed. Warranty does not cover shipping cost.

We accept all major credit cards, as well as payment through Pay Pal. We also accept checks / cashier checks!