Shipping Information

When shipping your product for repair, please adhere to the following guidelines: Use a double walled corrugated box. For heavy equipment it is extremely important to use a box that can handle the rigors of UPS/Fed-Ex. This requires all units be boxed with a minimum of 4 inches of packing material on all 6 borders. This could be peanuts or bubble wrap. Please refrain from using flimsy packing materials such as newspaper. It is best to use solid styrofoam on the sides to prevent movement of your unit and avoid damage.

For extra protection you might consider double boxing. Pack the first box as described above then use a slightly bigger box and line with foam peanuts. Overfill the peanuts and close box tightly and secure with good box tape. No movement inside either box. Overfilling also accounts for shrinkage of peanuts during shipping. Also, don't forget to insure for the value of the equipment. Please contact your shipping company for fees and insurance cost

Shipping to You

We follow strict guidelines when sending your equipment back to you. We want your equipment to get to you in the same shape as when we shipped it. We also insure for the value of the equipment.