Custom Work

We service the entire line of Carver products which Carver corporation started producing in 1978 to the end of their production line in 1996. We also service the entire original line of Phase Linear products designed and built by Bob Carver. We also have 100% original semi-conductor compliment for these products to ensure the original performance of the audio signature.

Any audio product coming from the factory is produced to perform within the general specifications of the engineer. This also, however, is done with a budget. Simple modifications can be done to any existing piece of audio equipment to improve overall sonic performance and stability. Our technicians have more than 30 years of experience in engineering, modifying improving almost any analog audio product. These modification's can be as simple as using Polypropylene bypass capacitors in the signal path to noise reducing techniques in the power supply also stiffen the supply using larger filter capacitors for higher current capabilities into low impedance loads but not enough to exceed the SOA of the output stage. 

Carver Power Amplifier Modifications

Although the Carver line of amplifiers have more than enough power to drive any speaker. Including speakers with difficult to drive, low impedance loads such as the well-known Infinity Kappa series. We offer what would be called the "Silver-Seven Modification" for amplifiers such as the M-1.0t, This upgrade involves doubling up the output transistors for more efficient, low impedance drive, high current steering ridges, polypropylene bypass capacitors in the signal path. Re-aligning the triac firing angle and reducing the current limit circuit to allow maximum use of the SOA in the devices used in the M-1.0t power amplifiers. The front end can also be modified if the customer prefers the sound of the TFM series amplifiers, such as the TFM-55 and TFM-55X. For further details, please feel free to give us a call about these modifications. Please call for pricing 

AL3 and the Original Carver Amazing Loudspeakers Upgrades includes replacing all the mylar capacitors with polypropylene capacitors. We also hand pick and match values in all the electrolytic capacitors, replace the inductors in the low-pass circuit of the crossovers for superior handling. The coils we use do not have the tendency to collapse as the stock coils do. Our coils also have far superior power handling abilities. These changes will optimize the sound of any of the Carver speakers without question, and the reliability also will have an extremely long life. Likely up to 30 years, since electrolytic capacitors do have a lifespan.

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IEC14 Connector Upgrade
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